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Businesses operating or looking to establish themselves in today's environments face two major challenges:

1) The phenomenal speed of technology advancement

2) The need to scale & deliver in the face of constant change

Only businesses that make technology work for them & focus on delivering to their customers will succeed.

The need to craft fast agile organisations is vital to deal with the speed of innovation in business technology, the number one change impacting the future of work.

Businesses need to harness emerging & disruptive technologies, while balancing future needs with today’s operational realities. As the importance of analytics increases, this too will form an integral part of a companies technology approach leading to the development of multi-functional shared services environments and platforms in the cloud.

The use of technology has meant its become difficult to separate it from other business activities and in essence every business will ultimately be a technology business. The key is ensuring integration between business functions, applications, infrastructure and platforms to make sure those businesses can adapt and execute quickly enough to survive.

Chalk Circle is a next generation technology consultancy that works in the space between innovation and current business as usual activity.  We work by taking new ideas & findings and work out how to practically apply them into tangible/operational products & services. Either as a combination of new & old or rapid deployment of new, in place of old.  Delivering forward momentum and results in each customer business we engage with.

Chalk Circle partners with it's clients to transform the potential of technology into technology driven results, giving people and businesses the ability to evolve and operate in the digital revolution.

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Digital Transformation & Innovation

Managed Security Services

Virtual CxO Professional Services

Anomaly Detection

SEIM – Security Event & Incident Monitoring

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