Struggling to keep up with Cyber Threats?

Your business is trying to focus on making your customers happy but with the rapid pace of technology change, constant stream of security threats and large amounts of complex data to manage we understand that standing still is really difficult, let alone being be able to keep up.

We know you'd love to be winning new business, putting new systems in place to improve efficiency, trying to put new ideas and innovation into practice and even launch new products and services but the reality is your constantly dealing with an unprecedented amount of risk that threatens your business and it's existence long term.

Things like; slow performance, reliability issues and downtime, a lack of specialist resources which are expensive to employ and train, increased costs, lower staff and customer satisfaction, volumes of security alerts and compliance obligations around data and privacy protection that are difficult to understand and deal with, as well as numerous other technology and business decisions to make on a daily basis.

We are Chalk Circle.

Our mission is to create a more secure global business environment.

We'll help your businesses to protect your data from threats, embrace scale and deliver in the face of constant change giving you:

  • Faster performance & turnaround. Increasing customer & staff satisfaction.
  • Improved reliability & less downtime. Providing faster/more accurate data/information.
  • Improved functionality & capability. Producing greater visibility, more skills, lower fees & direct cost savings.
  • Better & improved compliance & governance. Giving you peace of mind the right level of security is applied and your data and reputation are protected.

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Our Services

Cloud App Security

Centralised Security and Identity protection for Cloud SaaS Applications like Office365, GSuite, Salesforce & Dropbox.

Breach Detection & Incident Repsonse

Early warning threat prevention, improve visibility and reduce impact of attacks.

Social Media & Brand Protection

Automated threat detection and remediation across social, mobile, digital, and collaboration platforms.

EU-GDPR / ISO27001 / Cyber Essentials

Helping you prepare for, operate and address security frameworks and compliance regulations.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Security intelligence that provides comprehensive Security & Compliance at an affordable price.

Managed Security Services

We manage your internal and external data security with proven security solutions.

Virtual CSO / CISO Services

Specialist Security skills and knowledge embedded into your business for a recurring monthly fee.

Anomaly Detection & Mitigation

Line speed real-time analysis of your network traffic to identify and prevent threats as they happen.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Disaster recovery solutions focused on getting you up and running as soon as possible.

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