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We're a technology company that helps businesses grow while mitigating risk.

Businesses operating or looking to establish themselves in today's environments face two major challenges:

1) The phenomenal speed of technology advancement

2) The need to scale & deliver in the face of constant change

The world we live in is moving at a rate of change never experienced before.

Technology is also getting cheaper and cheaper, which is driving down the barriers of entry meaning disruption and competition will only continue to increase.

Entire industries are changing so quickly that entire products and services are becoming obsolete overnight.

Every business needs to be or become a technology business. It doesn't matter what industry, be it retail, agriculture, power, manufacturing or legal - even some IT companies can’t escape.

You need to adapt now or you’ll get left behind.

That intense pace of change means the weight of projects not being delivered and goals not being met is exhausting and frustrating.

But there is so much to deal with on a daily basis - alerts, texts, e-mails, dashboards, phone calls, meetings, decisions, choices, fires to fight, etc, etc... Let alone which tools to select for your business to operate on… and we haven’t even looked at security yet!

Trying to make sense of all this and pick the right options for your business is hard, let alone ensuring things are safe and secure at the same time.

You either bury your head in the sand and ignore it - because what you have has worked OK so far right? Or you’re constantly swayed by every new option but don't know what to select and fail to adapt in time.

Deep down you know this, we don't think this is a surprise to you and we think you're trying hard to do something about it but you’re not getting anywhere.


We're a technology company that helps businesses grow while mitigating risk.  We help you define a technology strategy (and the infrastructure for it to operate on) for your business based on what you want to achieve and deliver for your customers.

We work with you to implement it in 90 day value cycles and thanks to our specialist cyber security experience, ensure security is baked into your business at every layer.

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More about us……..

A long time ago we came across a working approach used by a startup called Undercurrent.  They no longer exist but we adopted their method and like to think we’re keeping it going for them.

Each Chalk Circle Year is broken down into 3 trimesters of 4 months each.  Each trimester is broken down into 4 periods of 4 weeks and each week given a number for that period.  At the end of every trimester we take a week out to go and do something we call Chalk Circle University.

This is an internal week of development, hacking, feedback and reflection. The output of which then forms our strategy and delivery for the next trimester.  This theme of continual feedback and improvement runs through all our work and customer engagements.

It’s not always possible but most of the time we deliver services on a monthly recurring basis, for our collaborative workshops (Pick Our Brains, Assessments and Loops), we use a mixture of lean, agile and sprint based activities to facilitate delivery.


Whatever works to get you where you want to be.

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